So Many Book, So Little Time…


A very interesting look into the meaning of “sovereignty”, which these days has been made out to be a very dirty word in line with communism, fascism, anarchy and may other anti governmental mindsets.  But the fact of the matter that each and every person is a sovereign individual, in light of the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the rights given us by God (or as Thomas Jefferson put it Nature’s God.)  These unalienable rights, which our founding fathers fought to preserve, that we would be recognized as a sovereign nation in the eyes of England.  The power politic resided solely in our hands as “We the People”; however, we have become so lazy that all “We the People” actually do is bitch and complain at the television instead of taking action.  But there are a great many things we each can do in order to reclaim our sovereignty and increase our power as individual State Citizens.  Much of the information presented was backed by court cases and laws which remain on the books.

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