On the Constitutional Side…

This segment is primarily concerning Legal & Constitutional issues of interest.

Quotable Moments in Time…

Quotes which I found to be both interesting and of historical value.

One of those Poetic Moments…

Personal poetry that I wished to share with one and all.

A Word on Religiosity…

One of the two big issues which mom always said, “if you want to keep your friends, do not discuss this!”

Politically Speaking…

This is the second of the two.

So Many Book, So Little Time…

Books which I found to be good, informative, and had value.

In The News…

Issues of interest spoken within the news and should be expanded upon, or just passed on.

Technical Tips…

These are tips which I have found to be of interest and wanted to pass on, as they may be helpful to others.

Strangest Damn Things People Think About…

These are odd topics that I come across, which seem to fit the topic of strange things.


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