In The News…

War on Christmas? I was listening to the news today and heard an interesting piece on The Five (on Fox News Channel) concerning New York and another state where they are prohibiting the use of “Christmas” in favor of “Holiday”. This would seem rather silly on the surface, however, if you have ever read the Communist Manifesto you would understand what seems to be happening. One of the tenets of communism is to remove God, or more specifically abolish religion.

Karl Marx once wrote that “religion was the opiate to the masses.” That being said, in the eyes of those who are devote to their religion to abolish religion and God is to abolish and remove hope for all mankind. hmmmm! Vladimir Lenin once wrote “the purpose of socialism is communism.” Again, hmmmm!

This country was founded on the ideals of religious freedoms and the ability to express ourselves in a religious manner. There are several US Supreme Court cases which uphold this idea. But for a state to do such a thing and the people not push to have their representatives removed from office for such abhorrent behavior, it is beyond my comprehension.

Consider the three (3) boys in a California school who wore US Flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo, and they were suspended for that. Are we in the United States of America, or the Union of Soviet Socialist America? Lately, I am tending to lean toward the latter as so much happening in this country has placed us in a position where we have become a Fascistic bordering on the Socialistic, and soon to turn into Communistic.

Beware my friends of what you seek from your country as you will not like what becomes of it when you attain your goal! Your representatives are constantly usurping powers NOT granted to them to include voting themselves raises.

“The end of democracy will be when the electorate learns that it vote itself largess from the public coffers.”

I would like to say this was by Plato or Socrates, but I am uncertain.


On the Constitutional Side…

Marriage is something everyone seems to take for granted. It is easy to get married and for that matter just as easy to get divorced. If you look at marriage from the outside and pay real close attention, you will come to the conclusion that it is a right of man take on a spouse. I do not need permission do it and, for that matter, I do not need a piece of paper (a marriage license) to prove it. Men and women for centuries have just taken on a wife and started up their family. This was known as common law marriage. In the Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 U.S. 105 (1943) case the US Supreme Court said that “A state may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of a right granted by the federal constitution; and that a flat license tax here involved restrains in advance the constitutional liberty of press and religion, and inevitably tends to suppress the exercise thereof.” Even though this case was a religious test case, the idea stays in tact because your rights given by God, or the fact that you live and breath, cannot be infringed upon by the government by taxing it or placing a fee upon it. Consider this, your right to get married – usually religiously inspired, but may also be a fundamental right of self expression – meaning it can be tied to the First Amendment to the US Constitution (or the Bill of Rights), which is a limitation on government.

A bit of trivia, the first recorded Marriage License was April 18, 1856 — which was recorded in Shawnee County, issued to John D. Skidmore and Arabella Z. Rice, from Tecumseh, KS.

Black’s Law Dictionary defines a Marriage License as “a license or permission granted by public authority to persons who intend to intermarry,..” When looking up the legal meaning of intermarry you are directed to miscegenation. Miscegenation is defined as “Mixture of races. Term formerly applied to marriage between persons of different races.”

This leads us to believe and understand, like it or not, that the marriage license was for people of other races; whether that was Blacks, Chinese, Indian, or the intermarriage between one race and another. This, of course, delves quite deeply into the subject of the differences between the previously know slaves, the Chinese, and the Indians – which were not looked upon as people but rather as property or chattel. This also brings into a very in-depth review of the DRED SCOTT v. SANDFORD, 60 U.S. 393 (1856) case as to the meaning of the founding fathers concerning “Citizens of the United States” (within the body of the US Constitution) and “citizen of the United States” (first seen in the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.) Key distinctions are made by Justice Taney within that case, which cannot be undone.

This will be one of those subjects that will take much time, but will be attacked on many levels. The 14th Amendment is one of the least understood and perhaps the most misused with respect to the law. A great man people have wrongfully misinterpreted themselves into being a 14th Amendment citizen, or also known as a US Citizen. But that will be another blog on another day, as it is getting far too deep for the subject at hand…but is ancillary to it.


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One of those Poetic Moments…


Emotions run deep,

Emotions run strong.

They fuel the passion and desire within us.

Equally, they drain our energies,

Either we are driven to the top or we fall to the depths below.

Nothing else in life can cause an equal reaction,

For better or worse,

But you —

Oh, emotion of the heart,

You alone create the benefit of good,

 Or irreversible destruction.

Oh, emotions within can benefit or destroy,

Just a simple laugh

Or a sorrowful tear.

Emotions carry the passion of life,

Or the despair of death.

Emotions are the ruler of our lives,

Make no mistake.

Freely make your choice

Through your emotions —

Life or death,

There is no middle ground.

by dM Buteau

A Word on Religiosity…

There are no questions about it about it, religion, like it or not, is a big part of people’s lives.  They either love the religion they are part of, they hate all religions equally, they question religion in general, etc.  You get the point.  I know people who are staunch Atheists, some are Christian (various sects), a few are Islamic, some Agnostic, etc.  And no matter who you talk to, if they are open minded about their beliefs, everyone has an opinion about religion, and the religions of others and the world.  Despite the fact that most of our mothers told us to not discuss religion or politics if we wish to keep our friends.  Personally, I believe that you can learn much about a person by understanding both their religion and how they live their religious beliefs.

Despite what any given religion’s written word may say, the leaders of that belief or church has differing views which are laid out in their dogma.  Dogma is  essentially the tenets, principles, or policies of that particular church as determined by the leaders (usually) based upon their written text.  And some dogma  will be in direct conflict with the written word.

In my personal opinion, the original ideas behind the religion itself are good; however, men tend to bastardize everything that they come in contact with.  In essence, or at the very basic principle of the faith which people follow is a relationship of some sort between them (as individuals) and their Creator (God).  The Church, or religious, leaders tend to make this relationship a little different by associating them (the leaders) and the Church with God.

What most people don’t realize is the fact that 99.99% of the churches out there are actually corporations.  Corporations by definition are not entities of God, but are figments of state creation and thereby owe allegiance to the state – NOT to God! They sign up with the IRS to become a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, after filing their Articles of Corporation with the state.  Which means that they can make all sorts of money, give enormous salaries, purchase property, etc, all in the name of the Almighty.  So long as there is profit, per se, all is good…so, how is that of God? Those churches which show actual allegiance to God are not corporate in nature, but are made up of and by the people.

My intention is to write more on this more on this subject, overall.  Most of my experience is within the Christian community, as I have more time studying the Biblical Text.  But I have friends that are Islamic, and I have studied other religions.  So, I imagine we will see where this leads us.  I must admit that my beliefs have evolved over the course of time and have come to rest with the fact that I am a Deist (as I base much of my decision making upon reason & nature); although, I could be considered a Christian-agnostic (because I believe in the ultimate cause as being God, but ultimately how things occurred is not completely knowable; with my understanding of the Bible and all the contradictions I still lean toward that possibility.)

What are your thoughts on this write-up, or subject in general?

One of those Poetic Moments…

Realm of Dreams

My heart is saddened,

I am truly dismayed,

At the prospect of waking,

Unable to see you until this night’s dream.

Our rendezvous is in a special place.

A place that only holds laughter and joy,

And a beauty only you can provide.

I am disheartened so, by every waking moment,

For there are precious times

That I would rather spend with you —

In the realm of dreams.

This is where we meet; this is where we love,

This is where we gaze upon each other in happiness.

My soul is pierced each day,

Every moment I am away from you,

But I am assured that soon enough I shall close my eyes,

Once again to see you.

I long to enter into the

Realm of Dreams.

by dM Buteau