Think Small My Friends, Think Small!

I found this article on LinkedIN and found it to be rather telling of most of our planning abilities, or lack thereof…

Hope you enjoy it as much as I!

Why Thinking Small Is The Secret To Big Success

I also hope you get quite a bit out of it.  I read a few of Lewis Howes’ articles and found them to be very telling and helpful.  We each could use a little push here and there…here is my push to you!


One of those Poetic Moments…

What Dreams May Come

 “Hell” – Part 4

Hell is a place no one wishes to be.
A place of sadness, a place of pain,
The home of broken dreams,
A palace filled with despair.
Nothing to do, but replay all our mistakes.
To relive all our problems and plans gone awry.
Destruction and dismay all around,
Hatred and hurtful reminders displayed everywhere.
Sometimes when we win, we loose.
Had we looked, we could have seen a new beginning,
But all that was felt was
The end of our relationship of love.
When you arrived you sat in the house of dreams,
Broken and destroyed.
Your heart crushed and tormented
For the decision made by you.
The roads of hell are pave by the souls of men,
So, watch where you step,
For someone you know may be underfoot.
Even though hell is hot
A chill of being destitute overtakes all.
I shall fight past the lost souls
And battle the demons that come
For heaven without you, is hell for me!
I’ve come to take you with me,
I’ve come to set you free,
But you remember me not,
Nor the things on my heart.
I will give up all
For without you I am lost.
Even when you loose, sometimes you win.
So, here I will stay,
With you my soul mate.
That a bit of heaven shall be,
Just knowing that you are with me.
Oh, what dreams may come.
Oh, what dreams may be.

by dM Buteau

One of those Poetic Moments…

What Dreams May Come

 “Heaven” – Part 3

Heaven is the place to be!

Heaven is the place for me!

The wondrous colors and schemes

Of unimaginable variety.

Is it only what is comfortable and familiar to each of us,

Or, something new that we each must become accustomed to?

I know not, nor do I care,

For the love that is expressed

Is that of a painting of dreams.

I’ve seen only once before

This place is beautiful, I think.

Although, if I could imagine something grander

It would be that, too!

For heaven is a place for the heart and soul,

A place we can only imagine,

But are always at a loss for words to describe.

What a wondrous place to be

Its beauty is indescribable.

I’ve only seen the painting once before,

But I do not remember this tree.

It was painted by you in real life

Only to touch me in death.

You are my soul mate and we are connected in life

As we are in deatt.

My heart was pierced when your life was taken

I was happy to know that we

May see each other, once again.

I was crushed to find out

You went somewhere else.

For that is what happens to those

Whose lives are taken by their own hand.

It is not about who is stronger,

It is all about not giving up.

Though you gave up on life

For the losses were too great.

If you think I’m giving up on you,

I think you are crazy.

For no matter where I go,

Or what I do,

When I am with you

It will always heaven be.

Oh, what dreams may come

When we stop thinking with our minds

And start thinking with our hearts.

by dM Buteau

So Many Book, So Little Time…

MY LIFE AND WORK by Henry Ford

A short book of only 223 pages about Henry Ford, a phenomenal man of business and later became one of the richest in America.  He changes the way manufacturing was accomplished making it more efficient.  He would change how things were done time and again until he got it the way he wanted thus getting the most out of his workers, constantly streamlining the operation.  He tended to pay his people more than an average salary expecting to get more from his workers.  He showed a disdain toward, and rarely hired, people with degrees as they had a tendency to know what could not be done and had the habit of not using the quality of imagination to find those things that could be done.  He always knew what he wanted and had a tenacious focus in attaining that goal.  The builder and creator of the Model T, and refused to change the style for such a time as to reap millions upon millions of dollars in wealth in the process.  He was an excellent business man, tenacious worker, and became one of the richest in America at the time.

I found this book to be interesting and an easy read, but it left me wanting to know a little more about him.  It was an overview of his life and works and was fairly complete, but I believe there were more details that would help me to understand him just that much more.

One of those Poetic Moments…

What Dreams May Come

“Ann” – Part 2

I never said good-bye.

I never got to say good-bye.

When death took our children

I was devastated,

But when old man death took you

I was crushed.

I could not understand.

I could not live without you all.

How could I go on?

I lost my wit and my mind.

So, I wrote to you.

I didn’t know if you could hear.

I wasn’t sure if you could see.

What can I do?

I cannot live without you,

You and I were soul mates.

We each were the final pieces

To the puzzle of our lives,

But now the pieces are scattered.

What am I to do?

I have given up on hope,

I was suddenly filled with despair.

Life was not worth living without you.

I recall hideous things from a broken house of dreams.

It was all my fault, all my doing,

But I saw a kind face

Who spoke to me of his heart.

He left and came back

The words he used made me feel warm.

The words he spoke, awakened me from a slumber

He felt cold and went to sleep, his head in my lap.

I remember! I’m awake!

I called your name, but you heard me not.

So, I closed my eyes and thought.

Thought where I wanted to be.

The next thing I knew

You were with me!

And we were in the heavenly.

Sometimes, when you loose, you win.

Never give up, never loose hope.

by dM Buteau

One of those Poetic Moments…

Realm of Dreams

My heart is saddened,

I am truly dismayed,

At the prospect of waking,

Unable to see you until this night’s dream.

Our rendezvous is in a special place.

A place that only holds laughter and joy,

And a beauty only you can provide.

I am disheartened so, by every waking moment,

For there are precious times

That I would rather spend with you —

In the realm of dreams.

This is where we meet; this is where we love,

This is where we gaze upon each other in happiness.

My soul is pierced each day,

Every moment I am away from you,

But I am assured that soon enough I shall close my eyes,

Once again to see you.

I long to enter into the

Realm of Dreams.

by dM Buteau