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Goals for 2013


I have strayed quite a bit from the original intention of this blog by skirting off in other directions.  That is neither good nor bad, but it is an observational fact.  My intention for this New Year is to become more focused upon the discussions on the Constitution, newsworthy articles that have constitutional effects, and the Founding Fathers and their principles.  I find these days are becoming grim and believe the country needs to reassess and get back to the basics of the founding principles upon which this nation was created.

I am an obvious believer in setting goals for the New Year and strive to hone my skills and become better at what I do.  I appreciate all of you have followed me in the past and wish to thank you for all of your support!

Onward I say!

dM Buteau


A Word on Life, Death, & Everything in Between…

A Death in the Family

Death affects us all and we will all come in contact with death in some way shape or form.  And finally, one day we will each die, it is the fate of us all.  People have this affinity to not discuss death amongst themselves, their family, their friends, etc.  The only way that your wishes can be abided by is to approach this subject with all those people in your life, as a fact of life.  It is not a subject that should be avoided, or discussed in a fashion which makes it all warm and fuzzy, because that would take away from and denigrate the subject matter at hand.

Two family members have died within 3 months, which is hard enough; however, they were siblings.  It was not a surprise that either one of them died because of their conditions and ages.  With each one I was fortunate enough to speak to and carry on a conversation just the evening prior.  It could have easily been minutes prior to their death.  In the matter of religious beliefs, I am not concerned because they were close to their creator.  One went slowly, which enables a person to be rather comfortable with the idea of death and very unsurprised when it does come.  With respect to the other it was rather sudden, but I latter found out that he had but months to live due to his condition.  Although, I was unshattered by his death, because I know it was all a part of the life we live.

One of the best things you can do is discuss life and death with your loved ones.  It is only through this that they will know your wishes and prevent and precarious moments and fights.  Plan for it and make the decisions before hand, it will show that you take the subject matter seriously.  Set up your burial, service, insurance, who you want to deliver the eulogy and any final words you would like passed on to those who survive you.  Do you want to be buried or cremated?  Do you even want a funeral service or perhaps a party?  Do you have a will?  Is your insurance in order, or for that matter is it enough?  Things such as these should be decided by you!

Finally, we each come to a point where we question our mortality; I know I do every time I attend a funeral.  Not as much as to where we come from, but rather how long do I have left?  Life is not only a process, but is also a classroom in which you can learn all that you want…if you would just start reading, studying and listening.  We each have one life to live, long or short matters not; just one human life to life to live.  Use this as an opportunity to redefine yourself, because you live on.  Use this as a pivotal moment in time as the new beginning enabling you to achieve a lifelong dream, or perhaps a dream newly created.  I would implore you to live your life with meaning, live your life with purpose, and live your life with integrity!

Death is a fact of life, after all no one will get out alive.  Nor is it strictly a religious issue, because whether you are religious, or spiritual, or not does not matter because it comes whether you are ready or not.  So, is death the end or a beginning?

Think Small My Friends, Think Small!

I found this article on LinkedIN and found it to be rather telling of most of our planning abilities, or lack thereof…

Hope you enjoy it as much as I!

Why Thinking Small Is The Secret To Big Success

I also hope you get quite a bit out of it.  I read a few of Lewis Howes’ articles and found them to be very telling and helpful.  We each could use a little push here and there…here is my push to you!