Team Obama wins fight to have Christian home-school family deported


Origin article:

While they are not American, they do not possess the First Amendment protections,; however, it was their religious & self-expression rights they were fighting to protect. I find it odd, that this administration grants rights to illegal entrants to this country, but those who do it right they will have nothing to do with. This family was seeking asylum for being persecuted by their home country.

Until the People of this country stand up as a whole and change the system of mis-guided political rhetoric, this country is destined to its own destruction! RIP United States of America, bid welcome to the Union of Soviet Socialist Amerika! I am saddened by that statement, but it accurately depicts what is happening here until the People finally decide to put aside divisive differences and pick up the gauntlet of LIBERTY and start to fight…EVERYONE!

This country no longer wants fighters for rights, but a compliant, unambitious, citizenry…

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