Students Block Westboro Baptist Church Protest

Students Block Westboro Baptist Church’s Michael Sam Protest With Wall Of Love

Original article:

While I personally disagree with the lifestyle choice and believe it to be abhorrent to the tenets of the bible…a gay person’s choices in life are between them and God! Those of us who believe in the tenets of the bible and remember history (specifically the Crusades & The Inquisitions) – you cannot force someone to believe in the tenets of God and expect them to remain a believer. Even Jesus swayed sinners with love & compassion.

Our society will only deteriorate as the fundamentalists get worse and those on the other side will fight with a fury…this spells disaster to the conservative religious & spiritual groups. Westboro Church being one of the more in-your-face group as of lately is no better than the initiators of either the Crusades or the Inquisition. No love and no compassion and, in my opinion, no real connection to God.

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