The Bill of Rights

Bill_of_Rights_Pg1of1_ACNext to the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution, this is one of the most important documents in our history.  The reason was that during the debates during the Constitutional Convention it was determined that man was endowed with certain infinite inalienable rights by their creator.  The Bill of Rights was introduced by James Madison before the First Congress in August, 1789, and was ratified by December, 1791.  One thing I never knew before was the fact that there were 12 Amendments originally introduced, one was accepted 203 years later as the Twenty-seventh Amendment and the other remains pending before the states.

If the newly created United States of America, previously known as the British Colonies, was not to recognize these rights, or even an abbreviated list of them, the future generation would (as history shows) abuse those rights and steal them from the people.  The unfortunate outcome as history dictates shows that as tyrannical, monarchical minded, Aristocrats take power then the powerful would slowly crush and destroy those who do the work in society.  The first ten Amendments to the US Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights, which is a misnomer as they do not encompass man’s entire God given rights but just a snippet of them.  From these Amendments we can determine many of our innumerable rights, but we can infer many if not all of them by extrapolating them from these most important few.

I already spoke on the Fourteenth Amendment, which I found to be a very fascinating and interesting subject.  I could probably expand on that Amendment, and probably will in time.  However, now I want to delve into the most important aspect of the lives in the average American, His and Her secured RIGHTS and LIBERTIES!  To do this properly, I will have to weave in the writings of our Founding Fathers, the philosophers they relied upon, history of the world and our country, British common law, American Jurisprudence (laws, court cases, legal meanings, etc.)  Each aspect of each Amendment has distinct history and legal background, which I hope to share.  There may be times when I have completed a section, either for the Bill of Rights or the US Constitution, which I may have to revisit because I have come across something new and very interesting.

There are a great number of references that I will draw from and I will make notations as to each and every one of them.  Much of the knowledge I possess I have gained through many shows, books (audio or physical), treatises, philosophies, case law, legal definitions, study guides, and so much more.

I hope you will enjoy this series and I can only hope and pray that I will do this task adequately!

I thank you for your continued support and seek your well wishes to be worthy enough to such a job.  It has been told to me so often, you will learn more about a subject by teaching it and so the challenge is accepted.

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