A Word on Religiosity…

On Bullshit and Life…

Bullshit is a very relative term these days that everyone is slinging around. Half of the time we can’t stand the smell and need to worry about our shoes, because of what we stepped in. No matter where you are in your life you will be hit with some form of bullshit; just check out some of the religious channels.  The bullshit here on these pages is aimed at religion, as there is no shortage of it in this neck of the woods. Just tune in to any channel on a Sunday morning and you will come across some “Televangelista” who has perfected the art of bullshitting people. Though they may have entered the service of the Lord under honorable pretenses, many of them have
incorporated and partnered up with the government all in the name of the all
mighty Federal Note.

There is always someone who professes a better faith, or religion, than everyone else. There is always someone who lives life in a better way than everyone else. All of it is based upon the written word, someone’s written word.  But who is to say that those people are right or wrong? No one person can say that any one religion, or philosophy, is right or wrong; as it may work for one person and yet not another. Although those Televangelitas who ravage cable television channels, I find most of them repulsive! They want you to call in with a faith and a prayer offering and in return they will send you a piece of cloth that they personally prayed over and were, in fact, touched by God!  What a crock of crapola!  And through such things, some people will be assured that they will be closer to God and somehow, better off in life.

While throughout the course of human events each person is forced to confront large amounts of bullshit, especially in the religious arena. Each religion contains its own doctrine and dogma created by its founders as the basis for which the religion will operate; hence, both doctrine and dogma are created by man and is not always founded within the confines of the bible, Quran (Koran), Bhagavad-gita, or any of the other holy books. While one can research and perhaps find tid-bits, hints and shards of those dogmatic beliefs nestled within the multitudes of psalms, songs, gospels, or quatrains and excerpts throughout the holy books. One would never find the doctrine as a whole spoken within the texts of the holy books. Which then leads us to the televangelistas, pastors, priests, holy men of God, and those who consider themselves prophets who turn around to read and then interpret the words written in the multitudinous texts and scripts throughout the world so that all of mankind can hear and understand the word of God as they have determined and interpreted it to mean. And for those infidels that do not believe their enlightened explanation – it is to hell with them all, without any relief.  Man is destined to be within constant turmoil as to the meaning of the holy texts, because no one can seem to come out with a single meaning, a solitary message, or combined belief that can transcend the man made hurdles of bullshit. Until man can get down off of his high horse, come to terms with, and put an honest effort toward the understanding of the words without bending them to mean what they want, man will simply linger in limbo.

Me, I have attempted throughout my life to learn as much as possible about God and the Holy Books, but only hit walls of questions with very few answers. Hence, this is why the religious bitch book came about. This enabled me to get off of my chest all that I have struggled with for years; also, enabled me to work out my beliefs despite the fear of criticism, or by chance that God may strike me down.  NEWS FLASH:  Except for some stories within the Bible, or the Koran, I have not witnessed anyone being struck down by God.  God gave use free will and free thought that we may expand upon them to our hearts content.  Because we are given the freedom to think and choose based upon free will, who is any man that should strive to remove that choice from us? God will judge us in the end, not man. It is God’s business as to what we do and how good we make of ourselves or how bad we screw things up in our lives, individually. In this way we are able to stay true to ourselves and to break the mold that was created by ages past.

dM Buteau

Excerpt from

“On Bullshit, Philosophy, & Religion”


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