Quotable Moments in Time…

“THE importance of the Union, in a commercial light, is one of those points about which there is least room to entertain a difference of opinion, and which has, in fact, commanded the most general assent of men who have any acquaintance with the subject.”

~ Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 11, “The Utility of the Union in Respect to Commercial Relations and a Navy,” Independent Journal, November 24, 1787; Rossiter p. 79


On a personal note:  There is a certain utilitarian need for a union, such as ours.  Primarily for strength in numbers; however, as we carefully look at how our government has evolved and either grabbed power through illegal law, unconstitutional law, or by way of usurpation – who does that power through numbers benefit?  The government or the people?  History shows us that every empire tends to use its military against their own people when they become dismayed with them, due to fear of what the people may do.  There was the old tradition of tarring and feathering, I think that is the type of fear our government should have of “We The People!”

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