So Many Book, So Little Time…

ALEXANDER HAMILTON                                   

by Ron Chernow

I am fascinated by the history and stories of great people, either historical or industrial based.  Alexander Hamilton is one of those men based upon his character and his tie to our country’s start and inception.  Ron Chernow went to great lengths in order to give us such a view into the background of this great man.  Do not misunderstand me, even though I do not believe in everything that Hamilton stood for or accomplished does not denigrate his character in the scheme of the creation of this great country.  My perception is that he may have been gay; however, this may be a conclusion based upon the flowery language of the time.  His orientation in this respect is meaningless, but rather an observation.  There were many stories of his conquests (militarily), but as with every other people on the face of this world it could be based upon fluff and dramatics.

The story which gave him such greatness was when he rode to the front of a troop that was retreating from the enemy and shouted follow me as a grand gesture of heroics.  His last was that with his meeting with Aaron Burr, which from all accounts was his own doing.  It does appear that he lived off of his military prowess, but proved to be a fatal error on his part because Aaron Burr was that angry with his slander.

Overall, I found this to be a great read into the annals of history and the life of this prolific member of the founders.  He was the type of person who would write out his reasons for believing a thing until it was ingrained in his mind and several years later take an opposing view, being accomplished through the same method.

2 thoughts on “So Many Book, So Little Time…

  1. I agree that this is a great book and like you I also don’t believe in everything that Hamilton stood for. Looking at our current economic crisis it is easy to turn around and say “It all started with Hamilton”.

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