Film, Filmography, and Other Movie Matters…

My wife and I went to see 2016 Obama’s America.  I figured it would be an Obama bashing documentary to a degree, but surprisingly it was not.  I was simply the essence and grassroots of what Obama stands for and why he does and decides the way he does.

By watching this movie you will gain an insight to Obama and why he has secured all of his private papers & documents the way he did, despite his claim to be a transparent administration.

Dinesh D”Souza truly did a wonderful job of exposing things being the way they are.  I truly found it to be rather odd that it was (monetarily) the largest or second largest grossing film, yet it was ranked # 6 or 8 in the rankings for the weekend.  This is of profound importance because all films have been ranked monetarily for as long as I have watched the news entertainment, except for this one show. hmmmmmmmmm, a little bias there or what?  I thought it was well worth the time and money.  When I walked away from the show I was struck with the concern, regardless of who wins the election, our National Debt is truly a weapon of mass destruction because we are at, or beyond, the point at which Greece was when they began asking for a bail out from the World Monetary Fund, World Bank, and the United Nations.  It is just a matter of time for us, which should be all of our concern!  If we would just pay attention to our & the world’s history.

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