A Moment to Reflect…

I was wondering what I was going to write for the fourth of July.  Something patriotic, perhaps?  Bet you didn’t see that one coming, eh?

There are many who fail to seek out our history and yet continue to refer to it in order to make a point.  At some point in time, the actual history of America becomes revised to fit the circumstance(s) while failing to reflect its entire purpose.  We the People of the united colonies, in one voice, declared our independence from King George for usurpation of power without adequately representing our interests and for what amounted to a 1% tax.

Now, sit back and reflect on all of the wrongs that have been committed against the people of America:

  • Arrests without probable cause and trumped up charges
  • Setting up of law abiding citizens just to make an “justifiable” shoot
  • Constant abuse of our individual privacy – drone uses, Patriot Act wire-taps, etc.
  • The loss of our property rights (Kelo v. New London City decision)
  • Legislation from the bench at various levels of the Judiciary, including the recent US Supreme Court ruling over the Affordable Healthcare Act
  • The refusal of the Senate and the Congress to do their job – one in particular is their refusal to organize a militia, instead they increase the size of the military; authorize military toys for the local and state police forces, etc.
  • Look at how much in the way of taxes you are paying.  Add it all up and you will be surprised that it amounts to almost 50% of your income.
  • Look at our looming and ever-increasing federal debt…

For all of these, and all we do as Americans is complain.  Looking back on things, throughout the actual history of these United States of America – don’t you think that our Founding Fathers and all of the Revolutionary warriors who spilled their blood upon the ground in defense of this nation would be turning over in their graves?  Our taxation alone is enough cause to be riled beyond belief – yet we just complain until we get used to it and then our taxes rise again, because we become comfortable…again.

As you ponder and reflect on our history and our Independence from tyranny from afar, consider the tyranny that is so close to us.  Remember the liberties that were fought for and the God-given Rights that were recognized – yet we take them all for granted, if we even recall what any of them are, hmmmm.

I leave you now with some words from one of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, the principle author of the Declaration of Independence, and the Third President of the US under the US constitution.

Where is America’s sense of resistance?  The resistance we once had is as American as hot apple pie and baseball…so where is it?

God bless and Godspeed to you all on this holiday, be safe and be vigilante in all your endeavors!

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