So Many Book, So Little Time…


This is a very interesting book about the economic condition of the US, to say the very least.  This book is for those who believe that the direction, in which this country is headed, economically, is the wrong direction.  In-fact, deep down we know that this economic crisis which we find ourselves in is potentially devastating and cataclysmic for this country.  It will take the actions of true Americans to perform their patriotic duty by taking it upon them to restore this country to the greatness and stature it once held.  No longer can we wait for and seek out a leader to pave the way, but rather we each must pave the way by becoming and being the leader that we must be.  In so doing we can set things right by restoring this republic to its rightful place and making the truly tough decisions to cut spending instead of borrowing the money from our children’s future.  This book is chock full of great ideas to change the direction of this country, if we would only seek their fruition.  And if only our representatives sought our input.  Unfortunately, they have far greater ideas to utterly destroy the economic and financial future of this grat country.

On a personal note I highly recommend this as an eye opening read, but should also be accompanied by reading Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom,” and G.E. Griffin’s “The Creature from Jekyll Island.”

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