Technical Tips…

I was reading another interesting article by C|net written by Jason Cipriani and was entitled “This email will self destruct…” It is a really great tool for information that you don’t want to allow permanent access to, but rather a one time access and that is it.

I played with it a little and found it to potentially be a really great tool allowing you to send out a password, or other sensitive data for someone you want to have access to something onetime.  Although, I would think long and hard before sending truly sensitive info because there is always someone who may be looking.  They state that the information is securely encrypted and they cannot tell you even if you ask, but I recall there being a big governmental rift about wanting a back door for all of these encryption programs, such as PGP, Trucrypt, etc. But I never did hear any follow up stories about if these encryption companies ever compromised their software with that back door, or not.  So, whether it is absolutely safe I cannot say because of that one thing, but I did send an email to the author to find out what he knows about that aspect.

But overall, I believe it would be a tremendous tool for one time information to be sent out to someone!–heres-how/

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