One of those Poetic Moments…

What Dreams May Come

 “Hell” – Part 4

Hell is a place no one wishes to be.
A place of sadness, a place of pain,
The home of broken dreams,
A palace filled with despair.
Nothing to do, but replay all our mistakes.
To relive all our problems and plans gone awry.
Destruction and dismay all around,
Hatred and hurtful reminders displayed everywhere.
Sometimes when we win, we loose.
Had we looked, we could have seen a new beginning,
But all that was felt was
The end of our relationship of love.
When you arrived you sat in the house of dreams,
Broken and destroyed.
Your heart crushed and tormented
For the decision made by you.
The roads of hell are pave by the souls of men,
So, watch where you step,
For someone you know may be underfoot.
Even though hell is hot
A chill of being destitute overtakes all.
I shall fight past the lost souls
And battle the demons that come
For heaven without you, is hell for me!
I’ve come to take you with me,
I’ve come to set you free,
But you remember me not,
Nor the things on my heart.
I will give up all
For without you I am lost.
Even when you loose, sometimes you win.
So, here I will stay,
With you my soul mate.
That a bit of heaven shall be,
Just knowing that you are with me.
Oh, what dreams may come.
Oh, what dreams may be.

by dM Buteau

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