Politically Speaking…

Here is another sticky issue.  It is both a News Issue and a Political Issue, the newest within this administration which is forcing religious organizations to provide contraception to their female employees.  Where does the government get the right to dictate to a religious organization, one which lives according to the principles and dictates of its dogma and holy book(s)?  Surely it is not via the US Constitution, as I have studied it (and continue to do so) and find no authorization or grant of power to the government to do so.

While watching the news today, a state representative stated (slightly paraphrased) that the right to choose lies solely with the woman, not her boss.  While I can agree with that statement, in part, what is left out is that the woman has no more power to make a choice for her boss than her boss can make those choices for her.  The idea being that our individual right to choose one option or another rests with the individual; just as much so, the choice over the direction and principles to which an organization binds itself to rest with the Executives of that Organization – NO ONE ELSE!

You can no more make a choice for me than I for you and your life.  As a man, I have to purchase condoms and anything  covered by insurance I must pay a co-pay.  Why does this administration think that women should get these contraception choices for free?  I may anger many women out there, for which I apologize; however, I hold to the tenet that you have the God given right to your choice – I do not think that all choices are free in the end, at some point in time we must all pay for our choices.  That being said, no one has the right to choose the path, or outcome, for someone else!  Your inalienable right to choose cannot, must not, infringe on my inalienable right to choose!

Consider what happens if you force your choices on to others.  By doing so you remove their ability to choose, you thereby remove the right of your own children to choose.  Stealing and subverting the God given, inalienable, and constitutionally protected rights bestowed upon them by their maker.

What are your thoughts?

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