One of those Poetic Moments…

What Dreams May Come

 “Heaven” – Part 3

Heaven is the place to be!

Heaven is the place for me!

The wondrous colors and schemes

Of unimaginable variety.

Is it only what is comfortable and familiar to each of us,

Or, something new that we each must become accustomed to?

I know not, nor do I care,

For the love that is expressed

Is that of a painting of dreams.

I’ve seen only once before

This place is beautiful, I think.

Although, if I could imagine something grander

It would be that, too!

For heaven is a place for the heart and soul,

A place we can only imagine,

But are always at a loss for words to describe.

What a wondrous place to be

Its beauty is indescribable.

I’ve only seen the painting once before,

But I do not remember this tree.

It was painted by you in real life

Only to touch me in death.

You are my soul mate and we are connected in life

As we are in deatt.

My heart was pierced when your life was taken

I was happy to know that we

May see each other, once again.

I was crushed to find out

You went somewhere else.

For that is what happens to those

Whose lives are taken by their own hand.

It is not about who is stronger,

It is all about not giving up.

Though you gave up on life

For the losses were too great.

If you think I’m giving up on you,

I think you are crazy.

For no matter where I go,

Or what I do,

When I am with you

It will always heaven be.

Oh, what dreams may come

When we stop thinking with our minds

And start thinking with our hearts.

by dM Buteau

2 thoughts on “One of those Poetic Moments…

  1. Purely.. Kay says:

    This was really a wonderful poem. It sounded as if you wrote it from the heart and I can feel that when i read it. Beautiful post

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