So Many Book, So Little Time…

MY LIFE AND WORK by Henry Ford

A short book of only 223 pages about Henry Ford, a phenomenal man of business and later became one of the richest in America.  He changes the way manufacturing was accomplished making it more efficient.  He would change how things were done time and again until he got it the way he wanted thus getting the most out of his workers, constantly streamlining the operation.  He tended to pay his people more than an average salary expecting to get more from his workers.  He showed a disdain toward, and rarely hired, people with degrees as they had a tendency to know what could not be done and had the habit of not using the quality of imagination to find those things that could be done.  He always knew what he wanted and had a tenacious focus in attaining that goal.  The builder and creator of the Model T, and refused to change the style for such a time as to reap millions upon millions of dollars in wealth in the process.  He was an excellent business man, tenacious worker, and became one of the richest in America at the time.

I found this book to be interesting and an easy read, but it left me wanting to know a little more about him.  It was an overview of his life and works and was fairly complete, but I believe there were more details that would help me to understand him just that much more.

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