One of those Poetic Moments…

What Dreams May Come

“Ann” – Part 2

I never said good-bye.

I never got to say good-bye.

When death took our children

I was devastated,

But when old man death took you

I was crushed.

I could not understand.

I could not live without you all.

How could I go on?

I lost my wit and my mind.

So, I wrote to you.

I didn’t know if you could hear.

I wasn’t sure if you could see.

What can I do?

I cannot live without you,

You and I were soul mates.

We each were the final pieces

To the puzzle of our lives,

But now the pieces are scattered.

What am I to do?

I have given up on hope,

I was suddenly filled with despair.

Life was not worth living without you.

I recall hideous things from a broken house of dreams.

It was all my fault, all my doing,

But I saw a kind face

Who spoke to me of his heart.

He left and came back

The words he used made me feel warm.

The words he spoke, awakened me from a slumber

He felt cold and went to sleep, his head in my lap.

I remember! I’m awake!

I called your name, but you heard me not.

So, I closed my eyes and thought.

Thought where I wanted to be.

The next thing I knew

You were with me!

And we were in the heavenly.

Sometimes, when you loose, you win.

Never give up, never loose hope.

by dM Buteau

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