One of those Poetic Moments…

What Dreams May Come

“Christy” – Part 1

Oh, what dreams may come

With a love so grand.

Oh, what dreams may come

With a smile extraordinaire.

With the death of our children

Our lives were shattered.

You lost your wit and gave up hope.

A place of beauty and dreams,

A place of calmness and serenity,

Painting the places you’ve. seen.

Painting the places you’ve dreamed,

This became your life.

The understanding we had, is no more.

Understanding, we are, is all to me now.

I await your glance,

I await your kiss,

On this day of decision,

Our minds and hearts have met.

On this anniversary day

We shall remember always,

Then a crushing blow.

My day came and you weren’t there.

I was running about

To help you out

And then my time came.

I couldn’t believe what I saw —

I was in your painting,

I was in your dreams,

I was in a picturesque haven.

All was nice and all was grand,

But you were nowhere to stand.

I saw you and was near you,

But you could not see or hear me.

I know you understood

For you wrote it down,

“I still exist.

My life in my heaven has no bearing,

For our love, at you I keep staring.

I’ve not seen our children yet

For I am not ready.

I cannot get you off my mind,

I seek you out, but cannot have you.

I’ve seen your tears and felt your cries,

The scars you carry are destroying your mind.

Please don’t give up!

Never give up trying!

I heard of your demise and I was crushed,

But happiness set in and I asked,

“When can I see her?”


“Never!” I was told for you took your own life,

But I will not give up —

I will find you!

For in life, as in death,

We felt both happiness and pain.

I am your soul mate and you are mine,

I’ve trampled through hell to find you.

When I did, I found your tortured soul

All I could do was tell you my heart.

You seemed so distant and so cold.

Another tear struck your eye as I finished,

I turned to walk out of the dream house turned to ruins.

Outside, I sent my guide to the heavenly

For I was giving up.

I will not stay in heaven if you are not present.

To be by your side

Even if hell was the place to be.

Sometimes when you win, you loose.

I felt cold and tired,

You began to warm and remember me.

You called my name,

But I could not respond.

The next thing I remember

I woke in the heavenly.

You were with me and the kids were on the hill.

We headed towards our dream home, the one in your painting

We headed off to live happily ever after.

Sometimes, when you loose, you win.

by dM Buteau

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