So Many Book, So Little Time…

Patrick Henry Patriot & Statesman by Norine Dickson Campbell

I find the founding fathers to be a very interesting breed of men to say the very least.  I found Patrick Henry to be a very interesting man.  A man of great oration, great knowledge, great ability, great conviction, high moral ideals, and the list continues on.  His “Give Me Liberty” speech was what set him apart and created such a profound definition of Patrick Henry.  He moved on to greater things with respect to the foundation of this country.  He was one of the few that actually stood against the passage of the US Constitution which he believed gave too much power to the Central (Federal) Government.  Looking back through history, I would tend to believe his assessment of the situation – governmentally speaking – as our government has grown by leaps and bound via force and usurpation.

I am an avid reader of many things and subjects.  History and historical figures are those that I am attracted to; however, it is not because I am stuck in the past but rather I believe we should be studying and learning from our past and history.  As mentioned in a previous post, George Santayana once wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  Keep that in mind when it seems as though you are sensing a moment of déjà vu with respect to politics.

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