Politically Speaking…

I was listening to some of the political commentators on the news today, as well as some of the comments by the candidates.  It is well understood that candidates running for the number one spot will speak out against the others for the soul fact that they need that placement.  In the Iowa Caucuses the topic of interest was Ron Paul who is sitting pretty high and mighty.

Ron PaulThe main problem with the other candidates is his Foreign Policy.  One he finds it irrelevant that Iran obtains nuclear weapons and second his so-call “isolationist policy”.  First, like it or not, Iran is a sovereign nation!  For the US or any other nation to tell them they cannot have nukes is much like either Russia or China telling the US that they cannot have such weapons, it is a ludicrous idea and concept; although, I would feel much better if they didn’t have them.  Secondly, his so-called isolationist view stem from our history.  A little known man named Thomas Jefferson once stated in his First Inaugural Address, “…peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none…“, which indicates we are to trade with other nations for business but are not to permit ourselves to get into any alliances that place us into a precarious position.  The present day politics have in essence allowed us to whore ourselves out to the nations that we are in an “entangling alliance” with…and where had that gotten us?

I personally like the man as I find him refreshingly more conservative than most others.  A true conservative wants smaller government, government that has less interaction with The People’s lives, and to be rid of the Federal Reserve.  This man has forgotten more about the Constitution and Constitutional Money than I believe I will ever obtain.  However, that is probably another blog topic or two.

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