One of those Poetic Moments…

Child in the Womb
What I would say to my child in the womb.
I would say that even though you are not yet born,
I will love you forever!
Even though you are defenseless,
I will protect you with my life.
You are not here in my arms,
But you are in a much safer place.
I cannot wait until you arrive,
That I may hold you tight and
That I may caress your tiny, frail hands.
One day I will teach you what I know—
I pray that you grow wise from this.
It is my hope that you will grow a peaceful loving sort,
With the strength and courage to protect
Those weaker than yourself,
As I imagine myself.
It is my wish that you will be
The joy of my heart and soul.
It is my belief that I will fashion myself
As your friend and your confidant.
I tremble at the thought,
That I may exasperate you without cause,
And due to no fault of your own.
I have asked God for you
And accept the responsibility to be
Your guide throughout your childhood.
I can see clearly now,
That a day will come and you will leave,
You will start your own family
With what I have taught you,
I pray you will be prepared.
Although, I see that day—
Far off as it may be,
It will be as though my heart was
Pierced by an enemy’s blade.
Boy or girl, son or daughter—
It matters not.
As long as you grow tall, strong, and proud.
This is what I would say to my
Child in the womb.

by dM Buteau

2 thoughts on “One of those Poetic Moments…

  1. I just love this poem.. your writing is absolutely wonderful. Great post

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