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It is very disconcerting that we hear of so many underhanded things by our government through the alternative media and not by way of the mainstream (or lame-stream) media. I find these articles to be of significant importance, because it shows a pattern of behavior by our government that is very anti-American. The NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT (promoted by Sen. John McCain-AZ) has an amendment to be added to permit a person (citizen or non-citizen) to be arrested and detained (indefinitely), then handed over to the military for detainment if they are branded a terrorist. That particular label makes no bones about if there is any evidence against the person being labeled. hmmmmm? What makes matters worse is that this bill promotes a “Secret Police” similar to that of Germany’s Stazi, or the Russian KGB, etc. You think I am joking, that is fine. Read on…

It is a well established matter of law that it is an individual right to keep and bear arms (see the Heller case in which Justice Antonin Scolia wrote the decision of the majority.) But look at the recent history during the Hurricane Katrina (2005) and the point in time where the Parish County Sheriff had taken it upon himself to confiscate the weapons of law abiding citizens, with the assistance of the Army National Guard, “for the safety of the people?.” Rather strange if you ask me, because the only people protected by this action would have been the gangs and thieves of the now unprotected homes – considering the fact that 911 would not respond to a robbery in progress, as there were more pressing matters.

In 2008 there was a force of Marines detached to a suburb of Indianapolis to learn suburban fighting and disarming skills. Not all of the residents were thrilled to see them, especially for that purpose. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 in effect stated that military was not to be used on American soil; however, it is an ever present abuse these days because no one pays attention to what is going on. The John Warner Defense Act and the USA (un)Patriotic Acts (I & II) have pretty much stolen many of our rights. The government which serves and represents you has this nasty tendency to abrogate your rights by indicating that in an emergency they can do these things as it is an emergency the safety of all is their primary concern! The original protectors of the constitution and US Soil was and is the militia of the several states. The militia has not been discarded or done away with, it is just not kept up or maintained, they are still in the US Constitution, but we are not activated. Neither the military, the reserves, or the national guard are not the militia…the people are! Pay attention to your history. Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr has written many articles concerning the topic of the militia which are very informative. The big question is if the government is watching over us, who is watching over them as they have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar several times??? Unfortunatly, some with their pants down others with their shirts off, hmm.

Now with Attorney General Holder in the hot seat over Fast and Furious another matter comes to bear…he remains in office having perjured himself and misleading the senate hearings and will not step down nor fire anyone for knowingly handing and permitting weapons to fall into the hands of the Cartels in Mexico. BUT a gun family is about to loose everything because the US Attorney say the people which they sold weapons to that they “knew, or should have known” were gun traffickers for Mexican drug gangs. hmmmm? Really?

I repeat my question: WHO WILL WATCH THE WATCHERS??

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Feds go overboard to punish gun family

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