So Many Book, So Little Time…

The Life of Andrew Jackson by Robert V. Remini

He was our 7th President of the United States with a very colorful life.  He was a man who held to a certain call of integrity and high ideals.  He was charismatic individual both politically and militarily.  He believed in the rights of the states and the people and never held to the strong central government mindset.  He was just one of 5 US Presidents who desired the dismantling of the Central Bank (present day Federal Reserve).  Was responsible for Florida (1821) & Texas (recognized their Independence), defeated the British attack on the US’s southern coastline during the War of 1812.  You have to admit that he was a very prolific leader both politically and militarily.

Don’t get me wrong, he definitely had his bad points as he treated all the Indians the same, regardless if they helped him or not.  When he sat down with the Indians, he used that as an opportunity for a massive land grab for the United States.  And we cannot look past the Trail of Tears which was one of the worst times in American history concerning human rights issues.

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