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War on Christmas? I was listening to the news today and heard an interesting piece on The Five (on Fox News Channel) concerning New York and another state where they are prohibiting the use of “Christmas” in favor of “Holiday”. This would seem rather silly on the surface, however, if you have ever read the Communist Manifesto you would understand what seems to be happening. One of the tenets of communism is to remove God, or more specifically abolish religion.

Karl Marx once wrote that “religion was the opiate to the masses.” That being said, in the eyes of those who are devote to their religion to abolish religion and God is to abolish and remove hope for all mankind. hmmmm! Vladimir Lenin once wrote “the purpose of socialism is communism.” Again, hmmmm!

This country was founded on the ideals of religious freedoms and the ability to express ourselves in a religious manner. There are several US Supreme Court cases which uphold this idea. But for a state to do such a thing and the people not push to have their representatives removed from office for such abhorrent behavior, it is beyond my comprehension.

Consider the three (3) boys in a California school who wore US Flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo, and they were suspended for that. Are we in the United States of America, or the Union of Soviet Socialist America? Lately, I am tending to lean toward the latter as so much happening in this country has placed us in a position where we have become a Fascistic bordering on the Socialistic, and soon to turn into Communistic.

Beware my friends of what you seek from your country as you will not like what becomes of it when you attain your goal! Your representatives are constantly usurping powers NOT granted to them to include voting themselves raises.

“The end of democracy will be when the electorate learns that it vote itself largess from the public coffers.”

I would like to say this was by Plato or Socrates, but I am uncertain.

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