One of those Poetic Moments…


Emotions run deep,

Emotions run strong.

They fuel the passion and desire within us.

Equally, they drain our energies,

Either we are driven to the top or we fall to the depths below.

Nothing else in life can cause an equal reaction,

For better or worse,

But you —

Oh, emotion of the heart,

You alone create the benefit of good,

 Or irreversible destruction.

Oh, emotions within can benefit or destroy,

Just a simple laugh

Or a sorrowful tear.

Emotions carry the passion of life,

Or the despair of death.

Emotions are the ruler of our lives,

Make no mistake.

Freely make your choice

Through your emotions —

Life or death,

There is no middle ground.

by dM Buteau

One thought on “One of those Poetic Moments…

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