One of those Poetic Moments…

Realm of Dreams

My heart is saddened,

I am truly dismayed,

At the prospect of waking,

Unable to see you until this night’s dream.

Our rendezvous is in a special place.

A place that only holds laughter and joy,

And a beauty only you can provide.

I am disheartened so, by every waking moment,

For there are precious times

That I would rather spend with you —

In the realm of dreams.

This is where we meet; this is where we love,

This is where we gaze upon each other in happiness.

My soul is pierced each day,

Every moment I am away from you,

But I am assured that soon enough I shall close my eyes,

Once again to see you.

I long to enter into the

Realm of Dreams.

by dM Buteau

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