Technical Tips…

We hear a lot about “The Cloud” and its use in the future. Recently, I have read several articles about how it will be secure and safe for your data, because of all the encryption and protections on/in it. However, you must keep in mind that that if a man made it, another man is out there to reverse engineer it, so he (or she – don’t want to leave the ladies out of this) can break in to it, or perhaps shut it down. No matter how safe you think it is, there is a flaw somewhere!

The Cloud is an excellent tool for storage if you are on the go, have a tendency to loose things, etc. Keep in mind if you should use the Cloud then, regardless of how secure they say it is – encrypt your data before uploading it. At least this way you can be certain that you have done all you were able to do, to protect your data! Also, in the event of a catastrophe to your home (theft, destruction, etc.) you will be performing what most smart businesses are doing – storing data off-site, just in case.

Be prepared for the worst, hoping it never comes! Below are several articles which are very helpful and can aim you in the right direction, if not enlighten you.

Best Free File Encryption:

Security Pitfalls in Cryptography:

Encryption is Not Enough:

TRUECRYPT: (Rated the best FREE software for computer users. READ THE USERS MANUAL

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