So Many Book, So Little Time…

“Constitution in Exile” by Judge Andrew Napolitano

Of the three books (at that time) I found this to be the most thought provoking and the most challenging to that which I had learned growing up.  Growing up you are taught a great number of things, historically; however, to have the audacity to question what you were taught was unthinkable!  As you get older, possibly become wiser and more cynical – you end up questioning most, if not everything.  This book presented many points-of-fact from history and I began to see our history in a completely different light…the blinders were officially off!  This book should be just the beginning in lifting the blinders from your eyes and enable you to see past the revisionist history we were taught.  You may think the history became re-written within the 20th century, but it went as far back as President Adams with the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798.  Hmmmmmmm!  Our politicians have been tugging at our shirt-tails since the beginning, you ask?  Yes, indeed…they have been doing that and more.

George Santayanna once wrote, in essence, that a people who do not study their history are destined to repeat all their mistakes, again and again!

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