In The News…

There is another side to the “Occupy Wall Street” story and that is the 53% who pay taxes.  They are paying taxes to essentially subsidize those who want to hang out and have what could be reminiscent of a 1960s Love In at Wall Street.  Pretty sad in my book, but no one asked me…that is why I blog it.

Now, some say it is a ploy, but guess what…I personally know of a number of people who have more than one job just to make ends meat.  In these hard times most families must have several sources of income, just to get by.  At least these people are doing something with their lives as opposed to those enjoying their youthful rant as a protester on Wall Street.  NO ONE HAS EVER GOTTEN ANYWHERE IN LIFE BY BLAMING OTHERS, except for politicians, of course – they usually get elected.

What are your thoughts??

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