In The News…

Did you hear the one about a mother being sued by her 20 year old daughter and 23 year old son?  Their lawyer team was headed by their father who was divorced from their mother since 1996.  Hmmmmmm, that doesn’t sound like a set-up, does it?  After two years, an appeals court judge dismissed the case.  Talk about ungrateful little bastards, as well as, a truly disgruntled ex-husband!  Truly a pathetic problem within this country where law suits are being propelled into action because of fools in black robes who don’t seem to have the forethought to say this is a bullshit suit and dismiss it outright.

Our legal system is broke because it is not protecting those it was intended to protect, they are suppose to be a check and balance on those foolish lawyers who want to push the envelope or judges that have an agenda to push upon the public, because they don’t really want to become a senator or congressman.

What do you think?? _1_mothering-care-packages-birthday-card

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