So Many Book, So Little Time…

“The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin

Even though it has been quite some time since I read this book, it is a timeless and very handy resource as to how our economic system is handles and manipulated.  The purpose of the Federal Reserve was to prevent the economic bubbles, recession dips, double-dips, and crashes.  Unfortunately, it never was able to, nor could it ever, prevent these impending economic problems and explosions.  Though the material is quite dry, it is a valuable resource for all to review from time to time; which will remind us why we need to go back to an economic system with value such as gold and silver.

Mr. Griffin did and excellent job with the subject matter.  You should be able to obtain the book through, or any other bookstore.  You can also listen to what Mr. Griffin has to say at

Be educated in our system which binds this nation and take up the gauntlet to make the necessary changes to set this nation on the right course.

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