In The News…

I was watching the news and was listening to the plight of a small business owner who was in fact being harmed by the protesters exercising their right to freedoms of speech, expression ans assembly. I will be the first to taught these rights and many more; however, when your rights infringe upon the rights of others and their rights…you have overstepped you authority with respect to those rights!

The city backed off from the evacuation to “clean” the park. Hmmmm. Bloomberg, you need to grow a set! Businesses loosing out, you need to look at legal action against the city and the protestor movement for violation of your rights.

It is truly a sad state of affairs in this country! God help us! This is our future generation.

No matter the channel, the protesters want jobs from those against whom they protest – good luck with that and your History degree. And they protest that their student loans are coming due, who promised you a job?? No one is obligated to hire you! And no one forced you in to college!

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